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    Calcite is crystallized hexagonal system state of calcium carbonate . Density of calcite is 2.75 g/cm3. Melting point is 1339 °C under 1.025  atmospheric pressure. It contains 56% pure crystalline calcium oxide (CaO), 44% carbon dioxide (CO2). In non- pure crystals, some of calcium can be replaced by Fe, Mg and Mn. In nature, calcite is in the form of mineral veins of lead, and often formed together with zinc, silver and other ores.

    Calcite is calcium carbonate powder with low-fat aspirated, obtained from high purity white marble, natural, easy to disperse, resistant to abrasion and aging.  Its may be  transparent, white, yellow, green, blue and rustic color. Hardness is 3, the specific gravity is 2.71. It  decomposes with a violent rage in cold and dilute hydrochloric acid. It can be scratched by a knife. It makes Ca(HCO3)2   by dissolving in water with CO2.

    Calcite involves in pegmatites as a primary. It’s usually a secondary mineral. It is generously  present at natura . It is the main component of white marble and carbonate sedimentary rocks (eg.limestone). It is Processed in various ways used as filling material in industries of paint, paper and plastic. Calcite is used in the plastics industry, two types of coated and containerless.