Our firm has ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and all controls are carried out in our laboratory with academic personnel beginning from raw material entrance to delivery and they are recorded. Tests are done as appropriate to national and international standards.

Devices of our laboratory have cutting edge technology and they are calibrated in determined periods. Arbitration specimen is taken from each party of products, which are approved by quality control, and stored during their shelf life.

Final product controls are carried out at the last stage and its traceability information is recorded for customer feedback. Packaging is done according to customer demands.

Packaged products are stacked in final product warehouse and stored in appropriate conditions in order not to be affected from outer conditions.


NİDAŞ A.Ş knows the importance of Research & Development which is the basic necessity of continuous development and economic growth. Accordingly we employ a wide scope Research & Development Laboratory and specialized Research & Development personnel. Research & Development studies are done not only to develop product, packaging, process and system but they are also done in all phases of our institution like Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources management.


We are operating in the sector is a sector that requires meticulousness and a great contribution to the national economy. This sector may be the way to serving the basic policy principles are as follows.

Contend with the constantly evolving technology and ensure the continuity of the race by winning the trust of customers,

The quality management system compliance with the conditions to reach the upper level of quality, international standards of production to

Meet customer needs in a timely manner, and desired,

Informed in detail on the use of our products to customers,

Every time a company to be reliable,

Permamently current situation to determine the basic philosophy of continuous improvement at every point,

Continuing education activities to increase the level of qualification of our staff.